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Smokey Robinson

MPE Entertainment is your direct connection to the world of entertainment, featuring all of the industry’s hottest country, rock, and specialty attractions, as well as complete production services.

Our professional staff is your most valuable entertainment resource, providing extraordinary value and unparalleled service. Put our expertise and experience to work for you in creating first-class, hassle-free performances by the artists of your choice. For over forty years, MPE has proudly served a distinguished clientele that includes major national concerts, corporate events, fairs, festivals, arts organizations, theaters, colleges, and virtually all types of special events.

MPE delivers preferential pricing second to none on attractions ranging from R&B, oldies, and classic rock bands to country stars and popular comedians. MPE Entertainment is proud to be a long-time member of:

  • IEBA (International Entertainment Buyer’s Association)
  • CMA (Country Music Association)
  • IAFE (International Association of Fairs and Expositions)
  • Local and State Chamber of Commerce, Convention & Visitor’s Bureau
  • ITAA (International Theatrical Agencies Association)
  • Various State Fair and Festival Associations
Travis Tritt

MPE has long-standing relationships with management companies, all major and boutique agencies, and purveyors, with the ability to provide multiple bookings throughout the year for their exclusive national entertainers. Likewise we have strong relationships with over 40 professional purveyors of production. Our in house technical expertise allows us to better evaluate proposals and negotiate the “needs” rather than the “wants”. Our contacts are wide-spread, allowing us to find the financial “needle in the haystack” that results in the best value for your entertainment budget, while guaranteeing a smooth and hassle-free event.

MPE provides yet another layer. It is not, however, a layer of cost. It is a layer of true expertise and experience that allows us to address the ALL aspects of an event and advise on what is unequivocally the best value — which may or may not always be the lowest price. You should not enter in to any entertainment event yourself and you should use qualified and experience professionals, foregoing important considerations that prevent second-rate shows, disgruntled performers, and buyer’s remorse.

What a presenter can ill-afford is a less than quality presentation — both artistically and financially. All events are either on their way up or on the way down. The challenge is to make each year seemingly bigger and better with escalating profits and a reputation for quality and excitement — not doubt, and marginal success. At MPE, we do our best for our clients and raise the bar for everyone. It’s who we are and what we do.

Why would the Pentagon choose MPE to produce their major patriotic mega-event after the successful war called Desert Storm? Why would Warner Brothers tap MPE to produce the premiere of a major motion picture starring Matthew Mcconaughey, Kate Mara, Matthew Fox, David Strathaim, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, and other major stars? Why would one of the oldest college concert series in the country use MPE to produce all of its shows year after year for nearly three decades? Why would some of the country’s best festivals, fairs, hospitals, and special events consistently partner with MPE with results that far exceed their expectations? Why have so many arenas, amphitheaters, Performing Arts Centers, and the White House itself chosen MPE to produce important events for them? Is it possible that MPE just may be an important element in helping your event grow and prosper?

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